COVID-19 Update

KemLab's manufacturing business will remain open at this time. The company provides essential electronics chemicals and is adjusting staffing and hours to protect all employees and the community.

KemLab Inc.

KemLab™ is a photoresist manufacturer and photolithography research and innovation company focused on quality and cost-competitive high-tech photosensitive imaging materials used in the electronics industry. Offering Positive and Negative photoresists for advanced packaging, MEMS & Microfluidics, integrated circuits, metal lift-off, compound semiconductors, LED, image reversal, diffraction gratings, and sensor markets.


HARE SQ™ Developer

MIBK / IPA 1:1 PMMA Developer

MIBK / IPA 1:3 PMMA Developer

TMAH 0.26N

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Woburn, Massachusetts USA

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