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KemLab Inc. offers established, fast and professional service and products

Test Tubes

Photoresist Manufacturing


KemLab™ electronic materials manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts, including chemical testing labs, cleanroom and distribution centers, support large and small volume photoresist sales and manufacturing. 

  • Short Lead Times

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Product Support

  • Resist Customization

Graph on Computer

Design Support & Customization


Lithography engineers available to customize electronic material formulations for specific applications. We specialize in photoresist, ancillaries, and alternate coating technologies.

  • Design-manufacture services on new photoresist and ancillaries


  • Modify commercially available photoresist


  • Optimize parameters such as film thickness, optical absorbance, photospeed, and lithographic profiles

Abstract Shapes


KemLab™ provides quality and cost-competitive products to both the US and overseas markets. KemLab™ offers a diverse product portfolio of Positive and Negative photoresist to solve lithographic issues in production, scale up, and research. 

Tin Wall

Photolithography Expertise


Technical staff are experts in photoresist for advanced packaging, MEMS & Microfluidics, integrated circuits, metal lift-off, compound semiconductors, LED, image reversal, diffraction gratings, and sensors.

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