HARP  PMMA and Copolymer

e-Beam Resists

HARP™ PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) e-Beam resist is designed for high resolution direct write e-Beam lithography. When combined with HARP-C™ copolymer, the HARP multi-layer system is ideal for T-gate manufacture. HARP™ PMMA has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, and is used as a protective coating layer for wafer thinning and sacrificial layers.

• e-Beam direct write lithography
• Multi-layer T-gate manufacture
• X-Ray LIGA
• Protective Coating for wafer thinning


Safe Solvent
KemLab HARP™ PMMA products are manufactured in safe solvents (anisole and ethyl lactate)

Volumes & Customization

Resist sizes available: 500ml, 1L, 4L

Developer sizes available: 4L

Custom dilutions are available upon request

Comparison of high resolution e-Beam resists

1000 HARP 100nm, 600uC, lines

PMMA e-Beam Resists

1000 HARP eB

  • Highest molecular weight (Mw) PMMA polymer

  • Best resolution and contrast PMMA

  • Manufactured in Anisole

  • Competes with 950 PMMA

hare sq data sheet

500 HARP eB

  • PMMA Polymer with mid-range Mw

  • Faster throughput versus 1000 HARP eB

  • Manufactured in Anisole

  • Competes with 495 PMMA

hare sq data sheet


  • MMA/MAA (methyl methacrylate/methacrylic acid) copolymer

  • Used in multi-layer process with PMMA

  • Manufactured in Ethyl Lactate

  • Competes with MMA(8.5)MAA

hare sq data sheet

HARP Developer

  • HARP PMMA Developer

  • MIBK / IPA 1:1

    • High resolution / Fast develop

  • MIBK / IPA 1:3

    • Highest resolution / Slow develop

hare sq data sheet

1000 HARP 100nm, 600uC

1000 HARP 40nm, 600uC

1000 HARP 100nm, 600uC

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