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KL Image Reversal Series
Image Reversal Photoresist


KL IR image reversal series of photoresists are used as either positive and negative photoresist in i-line, g-line and broadband applications. As a negative resist, the KL IR series have excellent thermal stability and are optimized for metallization processes. Develop using standard 0.26N TMAH developers and KL Photoresist Remover or standard NMP removers.

KL IR LO 15: Designed for lift-off profiles when used as negative photoresist

  • Can replace AZ® 5214E















KL IR 15: Designed for straight profiles when used as negative photoresist



Volumes & Customization

Sizes available: 100ml, 500ml, 1L, 4L

Production volumes available

Custom thicknesses and formulations are available by request

kl ir lift off spin curve
IR15LO Negative pattern, 60d, 1800X, no
IR15LO Negative 3um, 60d, 8KX, no
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