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Really Cool Micrograph Contest

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

The fields of research covered by this conference are at the forefront of the drive to develop technology to make smaller and smaller structures. We have ventured into size regimes where we are often dependent on microscopes and the skill of microscopists to see the results of our work (and often what went wrong).

To highlight the importance of micrographs to the field, the conference holds a micrograph contest every year. Submissions are sought from our community, and can be generated in the course of doing research, but can be submitted purely for their beauty or ability to excite curiosity, and need not be related to any paper or topic presented at the conference.

The entries will be judged both from a technological and artistic point of view.

A panel of judges will disqualify any entry that it believes has not conformed to the rules and will select the winners. Awards will be announced at the Thursday Night Banquet. There are six categories:

Grand PrizeMost BizarreBest Electron MicrographBest Ion MicrographBest Photon MicrographBest Scanning Probe Micrograph3-Beamers Choice Award (voted on by EIPBN attendees)

The Micrograph Contest is sponsored by 📷


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