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NPR Negative Photoresist with Vertical Profile

KL NPR is a negative tone, novolac photoresist designed for electroplating, metal deposition, TSV, and RIE etch. It has a single coat film thickness of up to 20 µm and features vertical sidewalls and high aspect ratios. KL NPR is thermally stable and can withstand temperatures up to 130⁰C without profile degradation.


Tone:                          Negative

Film Thickness:     Up to 20 µm (single spin coat)

Sensitivity:              Broadband, i-line

Developer:               Industry standard TMAH, KOH, etc.

Remover:                 Industry standard NMP, DMSO, etc.

Volumes & Customization

Sizes available: 100ml sample, 500ml, 1L, 4L

Production volumes available

Custom thicknesses available by request

NPR Negative Photoresist with Vertical Profile

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