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How is HARE SQ different than SU-8?
HARE SQ is a direct substitute for most applications. The epoxy resin used in HARE SQ is designed and manufactured for the microelectronics industry; ensuring superior cleanliness and lot-to-lot reproducibility. Contact for more information.
How should I store HARE SQ negative epoxy?
The SQ resist series shows excellent resistance to temperature extremes in terms of performance and shelf life. It is recommended however that for best performance and resist life that the material be stored at room temperature. If refrigerated, bring up to room temperature before opening. Keep resist away from oxidizers, acids, bases and sources or ignition.
Can I use SU-8 Developer or PGMEA with HARE SQ?
Yes, you can use it. KemLab cannot guarantee the optimum performance of the resist with these other developers. HARE SQ Developer is recommended.
How do I remove HARE SQ?
HARE SQ is a permanent resist and very difficult to remove after cross-linking. However, it can be removed using plasma etching, laser ablation, etc.
Is there a double coat process recommendation?
Yes. See document under application notes.

What are the HARE SQ properties?
See HARE SQ Properties under product data sheets.

Can this negative epoxy be customized for film thickness and/or other parameters?
Yes. Contact for custom resist inquiries.

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